Time for a snack!

Tropical Island Kettle Korn Is proud to offer our signature product to indulge your craving for a great tasting snack food.
Our Kettle Korn is a "Better For You- Feel Good Snack" that the entire family will crave and enjoy. Perfect for TV movie night, school lunch box, cookouts, ball games, gifts.

Healthy Snack
All Natural

Authentic Recipe
Every batch of Tropical Island Kettle Korn is unique. We hand stir our small batches in real kettles resulting in the perfect balance of a sweet and salty healthy snack.

Guilt Free Snack
We make our Kettle Korn with only the freshest first quality ingredients. We blend the finest popping corn, with soy bean oil, pure cane sugar and a touch of salt resulting in a Better For You snack free of preservatives and artificial flavors. With only 143 calories per serving...this is a great guilt free snack.
Gluten Free
Tropical Island Kettle Korn is made with high quality corn kernels, which is a Gluten free grain and a perfect choice for people on gluten free diets.

No Cholesterol
We make Tropical Island Kettle Korn with all natural ingredients...Free of cholesterol.

No Trans Fat
Our kettle korn is made with soybean oil…..resulting in a no trans fat snack food.