To Our Friends and Customers:

One of my fondest memories as a young child was attending family outings and picnics at the beach.After the meal, Grandpa would place a large copper kettle over an open fire, and the the "magic would begin". He would blend together popcorn, oil, sweetner, and salt.
" Close your eyes" he would say " and imagine a Tropical Island where the sweetness of the tropical air meets the saltiness of the water" and you can imagine the taste and
smell of island kettle korn.

We are a family owned and operated business, and making Island Kettle Korn has always been a tradition in our family. Although times may have changed, the tradition and recipe lives on in the simply perfect blend of " Tropical Island Kettle Korn ".
Our mission is to continue sharing our premium quality Kettle Korn with you.
We .... believe……. that you too will enjoy the "magical" flavor of Tropical Island Kettle Korn.

We at Tropical Island Foods are proud to continue manufacturing our signature product…. Tropical Island Kettle Korn…. in small hand made batches.
In addition, Tropical Island Foods, is proud to be a wholesale distributor of other fine quality snack foods.
Please see our wholesale page for these other snack items currently offered.

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